Shoes yes, shoes no.

Good evening, hexapods friends!
During the last days I’ve seen more than once time an old article wrote in 2014 about canicross. It was shared on the facebook walls, to tell everybody how nice an fun this new dicipline is.

It is a fairly discreet piece which, however, reports at least one totally wrong information.
Most probably this error is due to the fact that the article was written just at the beginnings of the Italian canicross’s movement and at that time, the technical skills were what they were.

In particular, I’m referring to the part of the text in which the author wrote about booties, to be clear that kind of dog shoes, and it is said that their use is highly recommended for all those usually train inside the urban area and run over asphalted.

Ghigo with the left back foot injured. When the wound was healing, as a further protection he wore a nylon type “sock”

With this expression a new canicrosser can understand that these accessories guarantee the same protection from ground surface hits, that human running shoes give to the metropolitan runners. 😉

Well, today we know it is not in this way, and first of all we have to try to avoid as much as possible the “city” routes and we must find the more suitable surfaces where to run with our “hairy” 4-legged friends (to read which are the best surface click here).

It is now well established that dog booties can only been used as a feet’s protective covering for a wound. Where there is a cut almost healed for example, they can be an extra protection against dirt. Another effective use it is on snow-covered and / or icy ground. They are in fact very good to avoid creating those dangerous accumulations of ice between the toes, especially when the run over frozen surfaces can last for a long period of time.

A sleddog packs wear colorful socks.

It’s always better to choose the kind of feet booties that do not have any kind of rubber sole. This is why these would move continuously during the runs and can create even more annoyance.

If you are forced to use protections during a race, then look for those models that are very similar to the socks and do not waste too much money by buying too complicated versions 😉.

Anyway It is always better introducing gradually these accessories. If their use is scheduled and it is not due to a sudden problem, then you must introduce them to your dog gradually. We must give him / her all the time needed to get used to not running any longer with bare feet 😛 .

Well, this is more or less all I wanted to tell about dog’s shoes. I wanted to highlight this different aspects to prevent mistakes from being made. Obviously these are just my own personal considerations and for keep on remaining “over the shoes”, I want to live you the mention of the principle of the famous Gold’s law, which reads:
If the shoe fits… it’s ugly!


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