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Canicrossing in a nice and loving manner it is possible only if there is deep harmony between the two members of the team.
This certainly means knowing each other very well and so being always able to anticipate what your race partner is going to do, but also you can not do it without having a common and shared communication code.
Having a certain numbers of terms which are able to give precise instructions to your dog, puts you in the right condition to indicate exactly what you need and, at the same time, it also assures that your 4-legged friend will understand very well what it’s the right thing to do.

There are many different types of commands useful to canicross and we have exhaustively talked about it in this article Di qua o di la?.

Only a try to explain the following video a little better. The red line indicates the turn we usualy do and the blue one shows the route we have done. The GoPro looks in the direction from where we come

That’s why today we would like to highlight only one in particular, which is not so well known especially by those are just approaching 6-legged running world.
I’m talking about the On By command which it is used to help the dog being not attracted by any distractions along the trails so that he can keep on running focused straight on his way. In practice the term On By or whatever the word you prefer as long as it is clear and understandable for your running fellow, it is the “non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e passa (Inf. III, 51)” (let us not reflect about them, but watch and move on) of canicross… don’t get angry Great Poet! 😉 .

Obviously this is a fundamental instruction and it bases its use and effecacy on the meticulous knowledge of your running partner.
It is in fact only knowing very well what are his passions and “vices”, that we will be able to anticipate his moves avoiding for example the case in which he suddenly nails to pee on that tree so beautiful and fragrant or also, he suddenly moves to the other side of the trail just to say hello 😉 to his little “human” brother, who is cheering for him along the race track.

The situations in which this command can really help are many and we believe it is necessary to go to the bottom of our speech, because distractions are not only physically things and sometimes they can not be tangible.
This is certainly the case shows in the following short video, where Ghigo and I must continue straight on the path, without turning right into the trail nr 339a.
Well, believe us when we say it isn’s an easy situation… at all.
The “distraction” in this case it is absolutely very high because that “tempting” path it is exactly the one we always turn in. Our usual training route includes that turn and then for Ghigo at that point, it is absolutely normal to turn to starboard (in the navy 😉 ).

That’s exactly where our precious On By is very helpful because we can proceed on the right path overcoming the intersection, just by paying only a small indecision. Let me say that we can receive back all the revenue from the time we spent learning the proper execution of this useful instruction 😉 . In the video it is possible to notice, how Ghigo at first starts turning and then go straight on when I say the magic word.

Well, once again we have finished. 😉
As usual we thank you so much for your trust and we hope our words, even if they are just a few and maybe even a little wrong and ungrammatical 😉 , have been useful to improve your 6-legged running experience, in order to make it even more and more pleasant, fun and exciting.

Ciao. Have good runs and please… no distraction!

Sorry, only one more thing.

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photo cover Massimo Mazzasogni

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