We became “great”

Good to see you again canicrossers friends!
We can say that Corri a 6 Zampe has grown and it is now big enough and mature, to deserve a commemorative article, even if a little one, that celebrates its first post!

We must go back at the far away September the 4th, 2015 😛 , the day when our Facebook group was born.
That was the moment from which all the rest has come.

Without that first post, today we will not be here so numerous. We have become a virtual community of more than 1800 members who daily exchange information, advice, experiences and also a lots of emotions about our fantastic discipline.

The first post of the corri a 6 zampe group
“When I run with my dog, I do not run for myself but i run for him”
This is a maxim that you must always keep in mind when canicrossing

The FB page Corri a 6 Zampe and our website are present today, alive and active, just thanks to that “fateful” 😉 day!

Just over 2 years of daily posts, where we have never stopped trying to spread all those notions needed to canicross in a safe, healthy and fun way.

In this long period we received many compliments and words of esteem, which gave us the strength and the desire to overcome those free attacks and destructive criticisms that, alas, not lacked.

After all, however, it is quite normal and to be honest, even if we are a big virtual community, we can say that we do not argue too much!

Our old logo

In short, all these words only to say that it is thanks to the contribution of each of you that today we are little better than yesterday and our experience about canicross has became greater, compared to what we were on that distant day of September 2015.

That’s why I really want to thank you all, one by one … THANK YOU, really thank you very much!


Thank you for making this possible, sharing your experiences which, without you even realize it, have been able to involve many other people.

Because it is thanks to the sharing of all “our” little daily successes, that we encourage a lot of people to try and in many cases, we make them become such wonderful 6-legged creatures.

Before I say you goodbye, let me add only one last thing.

Please give me the opportunity to link the very first post because I am very proud of it. The spirit of the first day written with those simple words and with that blurred photo (read here), it has not faded and indeed, it is always present, firm and alive.
Many things have changed but it hasn’t changed and will never change the deep respect we have for our fantastic 4-legged friends!

“Dogs First”
Come on … but really you thought I could ever forget to thank the special creature who taught me all this?!?! : P: P: P
Thanks so much “my” fantastic Ghigo!

Now I leave you … good runs my Hexapods friends 😉