Why should I go running with my buddy?

– Ok! Yes I know but I don’t want to do it… and also I really can not understand why I should start thinking about the idea of running with my dog!?! –

Well, here you can find at least 10 good reasons…

1 – Your fairy friend is the best personal trainer!

Ghigo is always ready to go

You will never have to take an appointment with him, and if you suddenly have an hour off and you want to go running, you do not have to ask him in advanced and you do not even need to pay extra money. He is a very good coach who wants to be rewarded only with lots of cuddles and good food. When it’s time to go out canicrossing, he will be always ready, available and will never tell you no!

2 – The bond between you will improve a lot!

Running together will not only benefit your and your dog physical wellness. It is well known that practice sports with regularly it is very good for health and improves also your state of mind, therefore we do not need to add anything. During our 6-legged runs, however, an aspect which is never so evident expecially at the beginning but which I personally consider the best value of this sport, it is precisely that running together improves and strengthens the relationship of trust. Running together will benefit your friendship and will put you both even more in tune!

3 – Solve many behavioral problems!

Many “modern” problems that today afflict urban dogs are often due to the lack of exercise! Dogs are creatures full of energy and indeed for some races, to work is a necessity. Not being able to do something “physically demanding” for dogs it is always cause of frustration and stress.

A dog that does physical activity regularly is quieter

Once again running together help us. For dogs to go running with his pack it is instinctive and primordial and go out with us, it is a very pleasant system for dissipating energy.
Moreover with canicross you are able to deter and to improve even those too aggressive behaviors. More than once it happened to start running with some dogs which before the start, they challenged each other looking for a fight but then during the run, they can also stay next to each other, without even looking.
In short, 6-legged trainings “cares” behavior too!

4 – Keep your friend’s mind always active!

Another positive and often underestimated aspect it is that canicross requires the dog a good mental commitment too. To follow the instructions given by the conductor, stay focused, go into a wood and receive continuous visual and olfactory inputs, find a path already beaten in the past or find a new road, are all activities that “force” your dog to think and to reason.
Bring your dog running with you and he will become even smarter! 😉

5 – Keep body weight under control!

Doing sports makes you stay fit and helps control your weight. Even here I do not use the pronoun “your” as a form of grammatical respect 😉 but I’m using it to mean you as a team.

A little bit dirty but in perfect shape 😉

Nowadays the number of obese dogs is growing rapidly and there are many cases of 4-legged friends filled with food only to compensate our sense of guilt for not giving them the time they need. To put regular workouts in your dog’s lifestyle it is definitely the winning move to restore the right weight.
Needless to say that the 6-legged runs makes you and your dogs more fit and even more beautiful! 😉

6 – Improve your running speed!

Dogs are exceptional sprinter. On the short distances there is no man who can hold the speed of such a perfect 4×4. Even for an advanced runner, therefore, start running with his dog would mean having the opportunity to go at high speeds, otherwise impossible to reach. Accustom your body to sustain such high rhythms it will also be very useful when you want to run faster on your own.
So… canicross will make you running at the speed of light!

7 – It makes you spend more time outdoors and lets you know new places!

Start this new activity and you will discover how beautiful are landscapes around you. In order to practice canicross safely it is very important to look for “soft” roads and in 99.9% of cases this means that you must find natural routes. That’s why you will have more opportunities to discover new places in the “wild” nature and you will not have too many excuses to not go out the house!

8 – It costs little or nothing!

With Riccardo & Camilla and Mattia & Simba

Another plus of the 6-legged run it is that it’s a sport which does not require a huge financial commitment.
Just buying a good pair of running shoes and some technical suits for us and calculate € 80-100 as an extra charge for the purchase of specific material for the canicross (belt – line – harness more info here), and the bulk of the investment will be done. However, once this small initial expense has been made, there will not be any more other important expenses to bear.
Basically it is a sport for all budgets!

9 – You will find new friends!

Since we live in an era where we tend to become more and more asocial, having a pretext to meet new people can be another detail that should not be underestimated.

A moment of a workout with friends

Canicross is a sport that involves more and more people and social occasions will certainly not be missed. Participating in group workouts for example, could be an opportunity to find new friendships and taking part in competitive events, will make you feel even more cohesive with other fans of the sport. Additionally to all this even your dog will be happier, because he will be running behind so many “hares”, which will give him new motivations and will spur him to run even faster.
So if you want a pretext to meet new friends, start canicrossing!

10 – You will have a lot of fun!

Writing about this sport does not give at all the idea of how in reality it is deeply fun and rewarding. As much as I try to find engaging and exciting words, I will never be able to describe the wonderful feeling of joy you feel when you can run connected to your 4-legged companion. Believe me when I say that turning into a single 6-legged creature it is much more fun than it seems. Take only a little effort to overcome that initial skepticism that makes you think this sport is trivial and boring. Trust me and try it only once, because I’m so sure that so … you can not do without it!


To say it all, sometimes we like to laze on the sofa… but only between one run and the other 😉

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