Heatstroke and Canicross

I don’t know what to do anymore!
I said and repeated it, written and rewritten about this topic but nothing, people just do not understand the risk. 😱

A few days ago I met a man who was running at 12 o’clock, with his Border Collie 13 years old, with collar and an extensible leash and, just to not miss anything, even on asphalt.
I counted up to 55 😁, I approached them and very kindly tried to give him some information about running a dog in the heat.
To strengthen the speech, before I greeted him, I also invited him to ask for a possible confirmation to his vet.

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Let’s say that I was very proud of me and those few words we exchanged made me feel very hopeful.
Unfortunately my feeling was wrong 😞😞😞
In fact, just yesterday (11/06/2018), I met them again but this time they were running at 1 pm! 😞 😞 😞

Once again I counted but this time untill 155 😬, I approached and did him a really seriously telling-off.
☀ 🌞 ☀ 🌞

He was completely offended and told me:
The dog is mine, I’ve always done in this way and nothing has ever happened!“.

Well, my grandfather also has smoked up to 90 years, but that does not mean that smoking does not increase the risk of cancer!

In any case, Corri a 6 Zampe never gives up and that’s why we want to try also the infographic card!