Let’s free the shoulders

Good afternoon hexapod buddies!
Here’s another simple and useful graphic based info by 6 Feet Running.

During the forward movement, the kind of harness having the front horizontal band is very limiting for our dog’s movements. It’s pretty like it would be for us humans, if we would be forced to move with an elastic band tied around our arms (see picture).

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This simple comparison allows a quick understanding of how the natural and normal physiological movement of the front part of the dog is restrained and limited from that band tied from shoulder to shoulder.

Going back to the previous comparison, if we would run with that band on, our arms natural movement will be hampered, to the detriment of our normal locomotion. Besides, considering that our arms are usually not placed on the ground, are involved in moving forward pretty less than the front legs of the dog.

All these observations are validated by an important study named “Dogs in Motion”, managed from an important German university, that has also demonstrated how important the shoulder blade movement is for dog’s locomotion.

I hope that this little example could help to understand how is important to choose the right canicross’ harness, which sets our dog in the best possible conditions and helps him to run with us as one, with no loss of his spontaneity of movement.

Let’s think about it! 😉

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In the first part of this video, it’s very easy to understand how the shoulder blade needs plenty of freedom.

Translation Giuseppe Tassi