Our wonderful team…

With Sara & her wonderful dog Birra
Me, Italo (in yellow) & some other friends
With Mattia after a race

Yes I know,
pride comes before a fall, you are right; but believe me, in this new adventure the people who have agreed to lend an helping hand to me are all truly exceptional!

For example Sara is the person who immediately deserved my most unconditional esteem. Talking with her it means to breath the thousand different facets of canicross. A thousand experiences, all lived together with her dogs!
We could easily weight out her competence with the kilograms of canicross equipment she has. I mean, it has to be clear mine is not a metaphor at all! πŸ˜‰

Then there is Italo, the small great athlete, which is able to tell you in a easy way, that time when he crossed America, running 5200km in 70 days. The beauty thing is that while you listen his story, you start thinking it is not even so difficult in the reality. πŸ˜‰ During our conversations I learned many things about the equipment that he builds by himself. From my point of view, its best value is he never takes anything for granted.

During a canicross lesson, even Ghigo listens Sara’s instructions carefully

His products are constantly evolving even thanks to his direct experience, made of so many kilometers he continues to run with his 4-legged running companion. His harnesses and running belts are without any doubts the best material available on the market nowaday.

And why not talking about Denise and Akira! Their life together is always an adventure! I do not think I’ve ever met a couple so close-knit and dynamic.

Denise & Akira with a beautiful smile!

Denise is always ready to involve her friend in the umpteenth climbing adventure, towards the new hill’s top to explore, and then maybe end the day with a downhill running over a fresh and “immaculate” snow field.
So without being too long, I bet that if a dog dreams a human friend with whom to spend his whole life, I’m sure he will imagine a woman just like our Denise!

Last but not least and only for the date of birth, there is Mattia the Dr Minori ;). Companion of many trips around Italy to take part in the canicross events. Friend of many workouts together and fantastic interlocutor of many good talks long the whole jorney! Together with his fellow Simba, they are giving hard time to live to the other top italian canicross teams. They are always looking for the perfect training and I’m sure they will be able to reach the top ranking positions, because believe me when I say that they can run like the wind blows (thanks Forrest Gump!)

And now let’s find them out better…