Welcome to the Corri a 6 Zampe’s website!

Our goal is to help you find “good time” for staying with your 4-legged friends.

For us everything was born by chance (to learn the history of our first met click here) and at the beginning it has been very complicated to find useful information about canicross. Fortunately, since that time my friend Ghigo and I have had a lot of “adventures” together and we understood a lot about canicross. That’s why we decided to share with people the experience acquired so far.

Trying to expalin our thought better, we would like to provide you our support giving you all the tools needed to live the “6-legged run” in the right way, safely and having a lot of fun.

Running is a language known by both our species

Our hope is that thanks to our contribution you can enjoy yourself as much as we have enjoyed ourselves. You can get excited about this sport, which is able to improve and “cement” the relationship of trust necessary to live in harmony with our faithful life companions.

If you are so good to believe it all the way, you will notice how much 6-legged runs will improve your friendship. It will be a surprise for you to discover how it works well not only on your body but also on your mind and when I use the word “your” I want to mean you both, yourself and your dog.

Running is for man and for dog a primordial activity capable of generating chemical processes which can give pleasure, lightheartedness and happiness. We can probably say that running is a language shared and understood by both our species. It belongs to human been and canine species too. Running with his pack leader it is something very natural for a dog . He will never wonder why he has to go running with us, because for him it is a gratified and spontaneous activity. It is not so strange to understand that his perplexity would arise in the moment he understands he can not come with us. Furthermore this situation can cause a whole series of pathological behaviors generated by their own physical inactivity and the relative frustration.

Well to make it short and try to finish this little introduction, stay tuned on our pages and tray to find the way to discover “your right pace”. The one which best suit the needs of your pack and you will see that with a gradual and measured approach, the goals that seem far away right now, will suddenly become easy to reach and moreover they will returned to you enhanced by all the energies you have decided to employ.

Never forget that nowadays a tired dog is a lucky dog!

A running moment into “our” wood